Shelanoir shook her head, sending her braided bangs flying left and right. "Oh dear, what did you do this time?", she asked while pinching the bridge of her nose. Chiaki bedded Aleida's nude, soulless body on one of the armrest-free couches they kept in the living room and rubbed the back of her head. "Ehehe~ Well. I guess I kinda… fucked her until she ejaculated her soul or something? Seems it happened a few times already. I guess… she's kind of a homunculus?"

Shelanoir took a deep breath, to give her sigh the proper gravitas, and spawned her magical familiar, a pair of fuzzy black cat ears and a matching tail, contrasting starkly with her snow white hair. The maid knelt down besides the limp body and ran her hands over it, her head, her chest, lingering on her stomach. "Mhm~ hmm~ I guess you're right, she is a homunculus. Can't be a golem or something like that… you realize she–" Shelanoir suddenly tilted her head, pressed her hands against the girl's stomach, and let out a sigh. "…of course you do. Tell me, did you knock her up before or after?" Chiaki let out a snicker, which was all Shelanoir needed to know. "…why am I even asking. Urgh, you're impossible", she pouted, and worked her magic on the body, stabilizing the pregnancy, and ensuring the body would be magically fed and cleansed of metabolic by-products. As tempted as she was to sentence Chiaki to feed the poor girl and carry her to the toilet thrice a day, she figured Chiaki would just forget about it after a day or three.

Shelanoir turned around, leaning against the couch to peek up at her girlfriend's other lover. One of her other lovers, at this rate. "Anyway. Where'd you keep the soul? Did she really… ejaculate it?" Chiaki flashed the maid her trademark grin, and ran a hand over her own stomach. "Yep. Should be still snugly inside her. Just need to get it out and we're good, right?" Shelanoir bit her lip, thinking it over, and slowly weighed her head from one side to another, making Chiaki groan. "On, not that face again. You don't know?" The maid – sorceress – pouted and stuck her tongue out. "Alright, fine, I'll take a look." She waved Chiaki closer and slipped under Chiaki's skirt to lay her hands on the magical girl's groin, nose twitching when she realized her pantyhose and panties were completely soaked with cum – it seemed Chiaki had brought Aleida over without even stopping to clean herself up. For the better, probably, there was no telling where exactly her soul was.

Shelanoir's slender, soft fingers ran over Chiaki's groin, pressing into the flesh to let her magic 'see' deeper into her… and sighed when Chiaki's cock throbbed at her touches, growing fully erect in mere seconds. "Please try to stay serious for five seconds." – "I can't help it. It's a reflex", she heard the grumbled apology and shook her head under the skirt. "Oh, fine." Shelanoir peeked up from under it again, and slipped her hands under Chiaki's shirt, idly tracing over the scars criscrossing the girl's stomach. Shelanoir's hands eventually stopped moving, massaging a particular point. "…did you know that today was an unsafe day?" Chiaki scoffed an reflexive 'of course' and stopped midway when the realization sunk in. "You mean…?" Shelanoir nodded. "Mhm~ The soul feels…" She bit her lip, searching for words. "…richer? than with all the other embryos I've dealt with. It's… like the difference between grape juice and a ten years old wine."

Chiaki shook her head at the comparison and sighed. "Oh, well. Sooo… we'll get her out just fine, but… we can't really get her back into her old body?" Shelanoir hummed in agreement, and Chiaki could feel her working her magic again, making her womb heal from the abuse it had endured, and undoubtedly strengthening her kid. "Hey, uh… can you make sure they're both futas? While you're at it?" This elicited another pout from Shelanoir, but she nodded with a sigh, and got back onto her feet to repeat the procedure on Aleida, bent fully over to place a hand on the girl's stomach. "There, you lewddite. Both kids will be futas for you to corrupt. Anything el– nnngh. Of course."

The maid sighed once more when Chiaki's hands flipped up her skirt before the could even finish her question, and she braced both hands against the upholstery as her panties were tugged down to her ankles. Sometimes she did not know why she was bothering with clothes at a~hhh~ll. Chiaki's cock, still slick from her last cumshot, eased into her impossibly (or, rather, magically) tight insides, spreading her insides around Chiaki's invading girlcock. "Mhm~ ♥ Hurry, or I'll be late with dinner~", she purred softly as Chiaki took her, rutting away at the maid's insides with happy, soft moans. "Shush, it's your own fault for groping me~", Chiaki teased, already battering her needy cock against the maid's well-used cervix, slamming through it on her third or fourth attempt and stretching the maid's womb widely. "M-Mhmmmm~ ♥ It's not my fault you're this horny~", the maid pouted, and let out a soft gasp when she felt Chiaki's cock suddenly throbbing inside her, quickly followed by the feeling of a hot, sticky mess pouring into her womb. She snuck a hand between her legs, pressing her puffy lips closed as Chiaki's cock pulled out, to keep her load inside. Soon enough, her panties were back in place, slowly soaking up the semen pouring out of her, and Shelanoir curtsied on her way out of the living room, too make a beeline for the showers.

Chiaki plopped down on the couch next to Aleida's, and leaned back into it comfortably, TV remote in one hand, and… she pulled her other hand back out of her shield, resisting the urge to fill it with a nice, cold, full bottle of booze. Sighing, she resigned herself to a fate of cheap afternoon TV and sobriety.

"Hiiii mom~" Chiaki tilted her head over the back of the couch and gave Annabelle a light wave. "Hey. Noiry still not finished with dinner?" The small girl pouted and shook her head… and tilted it to the side when she spied Aleida. "Whozzat?" Chiaki scratched her head, trying to come up with an explanation. "It's… uh. Well. You know how I and aunt Madoka and aunt Kyouko have our souls in gems…? Well, she's… kinda like that. There's no soul in her body right now", she decided to explain, and Anna shrugged at the explanation. "Uh… I guess… Why's she hard, though~?", she giggled, and the blinking Chiaki looked over. Huh, she was right. "I… guess it's because the air is cool? We should get her a blanket or something… hey!" Anna had already stopped listening and stuck one hand between the body's legs. "Wow, she's soaked~" Annabelle licked her finger clean and hummed. "Either you or Seiko… and I've just seen Seiko banging Noiry in the kitchen."

Chiaki sighed, defeated by the girl's disturbing ability to recognize people by the taste of her semen. She didn't even want to know where she had picked that up, it's not like she was sucking her dick every day. Or even every other day. "Yeah, I did her. Fine, you can do her too. Just don't make a mess. …and make her wear a condom if you ride her! Noiry will get mad if you get pregnant!" Anna was still only hearing what she wanted to, and already kneeling between Aleida's legs with her shorts discarded on the floor. Her small shota-like cock went into the cum-soaked hole smoothly, and the little girl moaned happily as she rutted away at the almost-lifeless body. Aleida's discarded body did not even move, but Anna could feel her insides growing even wetter from her thrusts, and the girl's breath picked up, getting deeper and… needier.

Annabelle finished within minutes, adding her thick semen to Chiaki's, filling Aleida's insides with her spunk. She pulled out with a happy sigh… and almost immediately crawled onto Aleida's lap, only to get hit in the face with a box of condoms, thrown by Chiaki. "Moooom, please~ Just this once~", she pouted, but Chiaki glared back at her step-daughter and shook her head. "Nuh huh~ Talk that out with Noiry." The pouting girl opened a condom wrapper and rolled the rubber over Aleida's throbbing prick, and finally mounted it, shuddering in delight as her delicate, tight insides were spread oh so deliciously widely around the thick prick. Chiaki gave Anna a few half-lidded glares as she rode the empty shell with sheer bliss on her face, and could feel her cock slowly stirring again. Annabelle opened her eyes wide when Aleida suddenly came, filling the condom with her cock twitching, and giggled. "M-Mhm~ It's just not the same~", she complained, but still smiled happily when she pulled off it to take a look at the swollen latex balloon. "Mhm~ Not bad~" She picked up her pants and walked out, without bothering to put them on. Chiaki threw her a quizzical look. "Where are you going like that?" Anna turned her head and flashed her stepmom her own trademark grin. "Visit Ilya~" Chiaki sighed and waved dismissingly. If the kids wanted to breed each other, not her problem.

A bigger problem was the lack of dinner, she decided. With Shelanoir apparently busy getting fucked by her own son, it would take a while yet to materialize, and she dozed off on the couch, hypnotized by the downright absurd soap operas running.

A slurping sound woke her from her nap, and she jolted awake… only to find Cerise standing over Aleida's limp body, the – empty – condom's opening between her lips that immediately stretched into a smile. She finished gulping down the last drop of semen and threw the drained condom into a waste bin, and giggled. "Ah~ Sorry, mom. I figured I shouldn't wake you up, and… I couldn't resist~" Chiaki's stare wandered from her daughter's flushed face, over her chest and well-rounding hips to her legs, and… yep, she was rubbing her knees together like she was just waiting for someone to throw her on a table and spread 'em.

"Lemme guess, you peeked on Seiko and Noiry?", she grinned, and pat her lap. Cerise walked over to her mom with swinging hips and blushed even more than before while she got rid of her already soaked panties. "Mhm~ It looked so nice~ B-But I didn't want to interrupt them, so I figured I'd ask you~", she smiled as she straddled Chiaki's lap, tugging her mother's skirt and panties out of the way to wrap her slender fingers around Mom's cock. Chiaki ruffled her daughters long, black hair and let out a few moans at her teasing rubs. "You know I can't say no to you~ ♥", Chiaki smiled… and let out another moan when Cerise took that as her cue to slide forward, taking the throbbing girlcock into her tight, smooth pussy, shuddering in delight as mom's cock filled her. "M-Mom~ ♥", she moaned happily, hugging Chiaki tightly as her hips got to work. Chiaki sunk back into the couch, pulling her daughter on top of her as she rode her, her own hips only occasionally moving to give her a particularly hard thrust, to grind her cock against the girl's sensitive insides.

Far too quickly, Chiaki threw back her head with another moan, hands gripping her daughter's hips as she came once more and flooded her daughter's womb with her hot, thick load. "M-Mooom~ ♥" Cerise wiggled happily on her mother's throbbing cock, letting her pour her thick load into her womb without a care in the world – unlike the other girls, she was inclined to listen to Noiry's lectures and on the pill the whole time. When her mom slumped against the couch, Cerise kissed her gingerly and kept grinding against her. "I'm not yet finished, mom~", she pouted, making her mother sigh in defeat. "Fine, fine~ Y'know what, ride her~", she said, pointing a thumb at Aleida, "…and I'll give you some special attention. That should do the trick, even for someone as lewd as you are~"

Cerise blushed at her mom's teasing, but obeyed, sliding off Chiaki's cock to walk over to the soulless husk while cum ran down her legs. She straddled Aleida's hips and rubbed her puffy, soaked lips against the cock, trying to get it hard. Chiaki followed soon after, and simply jammed her fingers into Aleida, grinding her fingers against the girl's g-spot while thumbing over her clitoris, which quickly got the girl hard again. Cerise beamed her mom a happy smile at that and straddled the cock as easily as she had her mom's; with both the cock and her walls coated in semen, it went in incredibly smoothly, and soon Cerise was panting happily as it rubbed all over her cervix. Chiaki watched her daughter riding Aleida for a while, until she was properly hard again, and knelt down behind her daughter to press her still needy cock into the girl's tight pucker.

Cerise let out a happy moan at being double teamed, and rolled her hips to take both cocks deeper into her and rub them against each other – with only her thin walls between the cocks, Chiaki could almost feel the veins on Aleida's cock as she rubbed against it and her daughter's insides. Cerise moaned in pure bliss as the cocks pistoned into and out of her, rubbing against all her sensitive spots at the same time. "M-Moom~ I-I'm close~ ♥", she panted happily, her whole body shuddering and twitching in anticipation… and then she came, clamping down on the cocks slamming into her, trapping them inside of her, flooding Aleida's with her own cum, lubing herself up even more for the soulless shell's cock – and it reacted instinctively, throbbing against Cerise's insides, against Chiaki's cock as it spurted its thick load into the girl's womb, triggering Chiaki's own orgasm. She gripped her daughter's hips tightly as she came once more, and painted her daughter's insides white with her own seed; getting her daughter filled from both ends.

Cerise collapsed onto Aleida wordlessly, soon followed by Chiaki; the three formed an exhausted cuddle pile that was only much later interrupted by Felicity dragging the Homuras to the dinner table.

"Lazy bums, nyah~"

The soulless husk reacted to the callused fingertips brushing over its bared skin the same as last week – not at all. If it was not for the slow movements of the body's chest as the body instinctively drew breath, it could have been mistaken for a corpse. Of course, it was not, and the fingers traced over a heavy, swollen belly, not a flat stomach, following the curve up and down.

"Can't be much longer?", Chiaki guessed, cradling her own belly and the kid kicking inside it with the other hand. "Mhm~ four or five hours for both of you." Shelanoir added her hands to Chiaki's, carefully rubbing the homunculus' tummy. "I figured I'd hurry up yours a bit more, so… Aleida, was it? will be born before her daughter. But I'm going to raise them the same, they aren't going to feel an age difference, and her memories will be largely locked away until she's old enough to handle… are you listening?" Shelanoir shook her head at the sight in front of her.

Chiaki had, indeed, not paid attention, and had already mounted Aleida's body, taking the futa's cock into her delicate love tunnel. "M-Mhm~ Shush, I want to enjoy the moment", she smiled. The magical girl had already leaned forward, trapping her throbbing erection between both their swollen bellies and humping them while she rode Aleida's own cock, fully intent to give the growing baby a bukkake by her own body, just before her birth.

The maid just waited, observing the two with flushed cheeks, watching a highly pregnant Chiaki ride the homunculus' cock with an downright happy smile on her face, and soon enough the ravenhaired girl let out a surprised yelp and started to snuggle into the lap instead, ensuring that as much of Aleida's semen as possible flooded her womb. The kid, of course, could not be reached by, protected by its bag of waters, but it stirred slowly at the sudden rush of heat surrounding it, clearly enjoying the sensation.

When Chiaki climbed off Aleida's body, Shelanoir was already on her knees – she did not particularly feel like bending over, and just diligently wrapped her lips around the presented cock, suckling out the precum that had collected during her romp. The clear, almost tasteless liquid mixed with her saliva, lubing up the glans nicely, and Shelanoir started to bob her head, cheeks sucked in, to massage Chiaki's tip with her hot, wet mouth as fully as she could. The semen running down Chiaki's legs filled her nose with its heavily salty smell, completely covering Chiaki's own sweaty note, and the maid closed her eyes, concentrating on the smells and tastes filling her mind.

Chiaki appreciated her effort, ruffling Shelanoir's white hair affectionately, but came far earlier than she would have wanted, flooding the maid's mouth with her salty, sticky seed. The maid swallowed the thick, sticky load effortlessly, even enjoying the bitter and salty taste of it. Only when Chiaki's cock was clean did she open her eyes again, and her lips loosened their tight seal around the shaft, allowing Chiaki to pull back out. "Mhm~ ♥ That was nice", Chiaki purred. The maid stuck her tongue out and tucked Chiaki's member back into her panties. "More importantly~ It's going to be time soon. I guess you'll want to be knocked out for the whole duration of it again, and not try to find out what being a mother really means~?"

"Damn right." The answer came without hesitation, almost disinterested, and Chiaki ran a hand over the swollen stomach that had given her the mother of all back pains and nausea. "This is annoying enough. …and I know, I'm impossible", she added with a grin, pre-empting Shelanoir's complaints. "C'mon."

Chiaki and Shelanoir, carefully carrying Aleida's body between them, walked over to the maid's small 'infirmary' – little more than an old bathroom remodelled with two hospital beds and a cabinet with medicines. It mainly saw use when one of the girls was pregnant again; with how… intimate everyone was no matter their sickness state, it had been rather useless at its intended use of quarantining people with flus and the like, and more used for nurse-themed escapades.

Chiaki smiled when she saw Cerise bouncing all giddily next to the door, holding it open for them. The girl had been the most exited about the pregnancies – with Felicity born while Shelanoir was still employed at and living with her father, the two were the first Cerise witnessed herself, and she was as giddy and excited as a girl her age should be. Her apparent age, anyway.

"Ahh~ Mooom, you shouldn't be carrying heavy things!", she chided Chiaki as they came closer, and helped carrying the homunculus onto one of the beds. She busied herself with getting the girl's body tucked in and in a more comfortable position, almost pampering the soulless body. Even if the body was not able to really react to any of their actions, she still could not help mothering it – despite how close they all lived together, there was always a certain sense of loneliness in the atmosphere, a tendency of everyone to drift apart when they were not clinging to each other in post-orgasmic bliss. Cerise had not yet quite found out why, or how, – it was a hard problem to dump onto someone who had six months of life experience and fourteen years worth of intellect knowledge, but not quite the necessary wisdom – but she enjoyed the chance to just be close to someone for a chance and take care of them.

As always, Chiaki had not even noticed her daughter's building up sense of distress, and was in the process of stripping out of her wide, stretchy maternity wear. With a heavy sigh that seemed out of place on her young, girlish body, she eased herself onto the other bed, carefully cradling her bump. "Alright, let's get this over with." Shelanoir shook her head again, and with a muted 'pop' her familiar popped into existence – fuzzy cat ears and a fitting tail appearing out of nowhere while she pooled her magic. "Next time I'll just immobilize you and make you feel the pain", she pouted, not entirely joking. Chiaki closed her eyes and just snuggled into the bed, not bothering with a response and drifting off into her magical sleep without a sound.

The sorceress let out another frustrated sigh. Chiaki's care-free attitude was in such a stark contrast to her own sense of duty that on some days she just wanted to scream at her. Or peg her with a magical futa cock. With those fantasies out of the way, she turned around to shoo Cerise out of the room, and smiled at the sight of her pampering the homunculus. "Ara~ You're really eager, hm?", she smiled, and hugged Cerise from behind. When the girl nodded, she hugged her tighter, and her hands wandered over Cerise's thin sundress, cupping her step-daugher(ish)'s breasts. Cerise's happy giggle turned nervous, and she squirmed a little at the unexpected touches. "M-Mom… we shouldn't~" – "Tsk~ Lewddite. Don't worry, I'll just… make it so you can help me later. I'm sure Chiaki won't be a help here, so~" The maid's slender fingers started to glow, and Cerise could feel her breasts growing heavier, painfully so, until they felt like bursting – and she could feel wetness seeping from her nipples. "Ahn~ ♥"

With that, Shelanoir finally coaxed Cerise out of the room (probably to rub her breasts into Seiko's face), and locked the door. "Now then…" Tiny jolts of static electricity started to flash between her fingertips as she prepared her magic – unlike her usual tricks, toying with life itself was nothing to be taken lightly. The more ancient magic, the less sophisticated it tended to be and more brute force it needed; and this was the oldest of magics.

Half an hour later, the door was unlocked, and a pale(r than usual) Shelanoir slipped out of the room, carrying two crying bundles in her arms. Cerise – who had been waiting in front of the infirmary the whole time – let out a happy squee and carefully took one of the infants out of the maid's hold and wrapped her arms around it. "Awww~ They're so small", she gushed, prodding the girl's tiny hands with a finger and giggling happily when the tiny, fragile fingers wrapped around hers. "U-Uhm… which is which?", she asked after a while, sitting down on the couch next to Shelanoir, who had long sat down to rest, and feed the hungry girl she still carried. "Mhmmmm~ I think you're carrying Arianna", she decided, idly playing with the few dark strands of hair Aleida had. That and her emerald eyes were the only way to tell her apart from her daughter, who might just as well be her own daughter with Chiaki – Ari's hair was almost transparent, and her amethyst eyes were as dark as her mother's.

Still giggling giddily, Cerise unbuttoned her shirt and guided Ari's head against her bared chest, letting out a sigh when the tiny lips wrapped around her full nipple and started to suckle instinctibely. "A-Ahh~ This feels nice~" The girl squirmed happily, and Shelanoir could not help but smile at the sight. She was really treating the girl like her own daughter. Her own hands wandered to her uniform top and gave the hungry Aleida her first meal in her new body as well, while both mothers were still resting and recovering inside the infirmary.

"Care~ful~ That's good~" Cerise was squatting on the living room floor, and watched Aleida take her first wobbly steps, cheering her on until she managed to cross the length of the room.

"Y'know, it's always a bit jarring when you do that", Chiaki mumbled to Shelanoir with a half-spent cigarette in the corner of her mouth, watching the two through the open door. The maid puffed up her cheeks and prodded her sides with a finger. "Sheesh, make up your mind. Either we do everything the long way, or you let me work my magic. I'm already taking it slower than usual for Cerise's sake. It would be safer if the body didn't learn to walk on its own, because that will mess up the implanted memories of how it should walk. I'm just hoping that Aleida can deal with it because of her other memories…"

Chiaki finished her cigarette and snipped the butt into her shield, still watching her daughter teaching her… well, other daughter to walk and to hug her without falling over. "So… how long until she's fully grown? I mean, it's nice for Cerise and all, but… I feel kinda bad to leave her stuck like that." That earned her another jab by Shelanoir's fingers. "Oh, please. You just want to take her virginity again", the maid complained, and cupped Chiaki's crotch to feel for a boner. "Mhm~ Thought so." The hand pulled back, and Shelanoir gave the magical girl a wink. "Well, you go find someone to solve that problem for you, I'll have to breastfeed Arianna, since ~someone~ doesn't want to do it herself."

Escorted by Chiaki's noncommittal mumbles, Shelanoir made her way to the room Arianna was sharing with Aleida and Felicity – there were just too many kids to give them all a room. The cat girl was, as always, napping on the wardrobe in a corner, arm dangling off the huge pillow she had somehow dragged on top of it. Arianna was in a raised crib on top of the bed she was going to use later, her tiny arms stretched up to try and grasp at the mobile that was floating above. She greeted Shelanoir with a happy cry that made the maid smile. "Hmm~ Hungry already?" With her uniform top unbuttoned, she bent over the bed, and lifted Arianna into a sitting position to let her reach her heavy, milk-filled breasts.

A sigh escaped Shelanoir's lips when Arianna started to drink and suck the tension out of her breast. She might have overdone it this time, she reflected idly, she was producing far too much milk, given that Arianna was going to be weaned off soon, with her next growth spurt. Not that it mattered too much, between Ami, Seiko, Chiaki and Felicity there were enough people interested in having her milk.

Her thoughts were interrupted when someone stepped up to her and shoved her skirt up. "Nnnnh~ Not now. Not while I'm feeding her~", Shelanoir complained with a pout, but Chiaki just silently pinched the maid's buttcheek, panties already pulled out of the way and a hard erection pressing against her rear. "Mhm~ Just this once, okay?", the maid relented, and steadied herself against the crib's cot side. To her credit, Chiaki tried to disturb Arianna as little as possible, taking the maid almost teasingly slowly… until her hand moved from Shelanoir's hips, over her smooth stomach, to rub rough, callused fingertips over the maid's clitoris.

"N-Nhhh~ No~ ♥" Shelanoir did her best to stay still, with only her moans betraying her growing excitement. Arianna, meanwhile, was still oblivious of her surroundings, barely managing to move her head enough to start suckling on Shelanoir's other breast, aided by the maid slightly shifting her trembling, sweat-covered body. Chiaki took her sweet time for once, working the maid's sensitive spots until she came with a muffled cry, toes curling into the thick carpet as she tried to keep her shivering body from squirming. Arianna had long finished her meal, watching her mother curiously. Normally she didn't stick around like this, but, held by Chiaki's firm grip, Shelanoir was still bent over the crib, waiting for the other girl to finally finish inside her.

When Chiaki finally did, Shelanoir let out a released sigh. "Ooof. Couldn't you have done anyone else?", she complained half-heartedly, hiding her glowing smile with her still turned head. That earned her a slap on her rear, and Chiaki finally stepped away from her, not caring about the mess she made on the floor. "Nope~ You're cute when you're trying to not enjoy it", the magical girl grinned, and walked out again without waiting for Shelanoir's response. This resulted in a genuine pout by the maid, and Shelanoir started to fix up her dress again. She'd get Chiaki for that, somehow.

"Okay~ I want you to wiggle your left big toe~ Yes~ Like that. Now touch it with your right thumb~ Keep your legs stretched! No bending your knees~ Yes~ That's good~" Shelanoir extended both hands and pat the girls' heads. Arianna and Aleida were sitting next to each other, by now grown as if they were three or four years old, and she was carefully monitoring their motor skills. No matter how much everyone else worshipped her for her magical abilities, she was still wary to rely on them blindly. Again.

"So~ Let's do it again with the other hand, okay?" The girls murred, but complied – they knew they'd get no sweets unless they followed Shelanoir's orders, and bent and stretched and tilted their extremities under her watchful eyes. "Good girls~ C'mon, it's almost time for breakfast. Let's get going~" Arianna jumped up excitedly, quickly followed by Aleida – despite how carefully her memories were sealed by Shelanoir, reflexes were something just beyond the reach of her spells, and Aleida was still not used to deal with such a small body.

The other members of the family of sorts soon filtered in, tiredly nibbling away at french toasts and sipping hot cocoa or coffee. Seiko and Cerise were feeding each other bits of toast, to which Annabelle gave a running commentary of sorts by trying to make them laugh with her grimaces. Ilya was happily chatting with her mother, gossipping about the 'customers' they were going to serve later that day and their preferences. "Mhm~ He totally loves how young and tight I am, mom~ Better you just put on a school uniform and blow him~ That'll really get him worked up…" Felicity, next to them, was blissfully munching on a platter of sausages, unaware of both her sister's discussion, and how Arianna was trying to grab her swishing tail, cheered on by a giggling Aleida.

They were interrupted by a sudden, blood-curling scream that made everyone – except Shelanoir – drop what they were holding and turn to the door, through which angry stomping could be heard.

Chiaki, nude below her waist, slammed the door open and stared at Shelanoir, who was radiating off so much smug innocence she should have tanned everyone in the room. Chiaki pointed a finger at her. "You." Slender fingers wrapped around a delicate teacup and brought it to perfect, full lips, and Shelanoir took a measured sip of her apricot tea. "Me." – "How." Teasip. And another. "Magic", was the eventual answer, delivered with just the smallest hint of a smile curving the maid's lips.

Chiaki, defeated, collapsed on a chair across Shelanoir, arms crossed under her chest, and stared at the white-haired sorceress with bloodshot eyes. "And… you didn't feel like telling anyone?", she eventually asked. Their (and others') children were watching their two (biological or adopted) parents like they were watching a tennis game standing next to the net, heads tilting from one side to another. "I figured you would appreciate the surprise ♥", Shelanoir replied with a smile sweet enough to give people diabetes.

"…Mother? What happened?" Seiko was the first to break the silence. Despite being not quite the oldest, for some reason Shelanoir had felt like making him grow further than the others, undoubtedly finding great pleasure in making him look older than both his mothers. As such, everyone was treating him their elder brother – apart from Annabelle, as always, who found it more entertaining to dominate him in bed –, and he had, intentionally or not, taken over the role without even fully realizing.

Chiaki loaded random foods onto her plate, nonchalantly piling apricot jam – she'd never found out why everything was apricots with Shelanoir's cooking, she thought idly – and sausages onto French toast and eating the resulting frankensandwich without even pausing for dramatic effect. "So", she answered after the first few bites, getting herself into story-telling mood, "I just felt like dealing with my morning wood, and I knew Noiry would give me shit if I made any of you late for school by making you shower afterwards, stop pouting", she added, bonking Cerise's cheek with a sausage before biting off half of it and swallowing it with scant a chew, "So I just went on with it with K—the homunculus in the living room." Her correction was almost instantly, but she still glanced nervously at Aleida. Nobody had told her yet about the whole body thing. "Anyway. So I was just happily plowing away until I finished, and when I pulled out—" Her tale was supported by rather graphic gestures involving her empty coffee cup and the half-eaten sausage, getting more disturbingly detailed with each word. "That THING just opens its eyes and asks 'Do you wish me to clean you up?' and I was like FLESH OF THE—Anyway. That's when I screamed. So."

Chiaki put the cup down again, finished her Sandwich Of Tastebud Doom, and pointed the half-eaten sausage at Shelanoir accusingly. "How." The maid replied with another of her smiles. "Ma~gic~. I figured it would be a waste to just let the body lay around like that, so~ I summoned a servant and put its spirit inside of it." Chiaki stared at her over the rim of her glasses. "Just like that." – "Just like that. It's easy, if you know how to do it~ ♥ She's… not quite sentient, like this, but she can follow orders and make herself useful. Shara knows you lazy bunch won't~" That made Chiaki shut up sufficiently that her complaints turned into soft grumbles, and her partner let out a small giggle. "Mhm~ Thought so. Oh, and… I made her sterile, I figured it'll be in everyone's interest." Seiko and the girls old enough to understand her comment nodded in unison, even Cerise hummed a reluctant agreement. "Wonderful. ♥ I guess we can call her 'Homu' from now on~."

"Good morning, Mother. How was your trip?" Seiko took Ami's coat and hung it up for her. His mother, it seemed, was torn between just jumping him here and now nad trying to make some conversation first. Like a normal family. "Awkward", she finally decided to answer. Her own parents were less than amused with their daughter's development, but there was nothing to be done about it. Not that it kept them from complaining every time she came around to visit, which she did increasingly rarely. "Gosh, more kids?", she added, blinking as Shelanoir herded two young girls into the living room. By their looks, they couldn't be younger than six, which meant they were probably a few weeks into Shelanoir's growth regime. "Chiaki's?", she added. She had heard from her sister, but… geez. She still didn't know how to feel about that.

Seiko awkwardly scratched his chin. "Y-Yes. You heard? A-Ah, mother, n-not here!" Before he knew it, he was on the floor, with his mother straddling his lap and her tongue shoved into his mouth, and he resigned to the inevitable. Like always, Ami hadn't had a chance to… take care of her urges while visiting her parents' home, and she was fully intent to make up for a week's worth of blue balls right there. Neither of them noticed Ilya and Annabelle watching them for a while (until Ilya dragged her sister into their room) as they were repeatedly taking turns mounting each other.

One eternity and several sore body parts later, Seiko caught his breath sitting against a wall, his now undressed, sweat-covered mother slumped over his lap. Shelanoir's lesson was done by that point, and the two girls giggled nervously when they saw them on the way out. Ami gave them a tired wave, head still resting against Seiko's chest. "Hi~ I'm Ami. What's your name, sweeties~?" Shelanoir made them curtsy and introduce themselves – "K-Aleida." "Arianna." –, and lead them back out of the hallway before Ami could jump the little girls and defile them on the spot. Ami didn't even pretend to pout at that, if she wasn't so exhausted, she'd have done it on the spot.

"Funny~", she mumbled into her son's shoulder. "They don't look like Emi's." This earned her a confused look from Seiko, until it finally clicked. "O-Oh. Uhm… they're not Emi's. Chiaki… uhm…" – "Gosh, *again?* Who's the mother this time?" Awkward silence. "It's… complicated", Seiko mumbled. "Ain't it always." Ami decided she was ready for a round two, and straddled her son's lap before he could protest.

Ami eventually made it into the livingroom, where she found a white-haired older girl obediently wiping the floor while Chiaki was lazing on the couch. "Oh, hi, Miss…?" The homunculus stared at her blankly, and when Ami did not give her an order, returned to her task. Chiaki gave her confused girlfriend a pat on her butt and pulled her ontop of herself. "That's Homu. She's… kind of a zombie, I guess. Animated body, no soul, some of Shelanoir's magic", she explained, only adding to Ami's confusion. "Waaait. She kinda looks like those girls… Chichi, did you bone a zombie?" She evaded Chiaki's pinching fingers and pouted at her. "C'mooon, explain already. Noiry was just giving me a creepy smile, Seiko didn't know how to explain it, and everyone else is busy boning each other." Of course they'd be. What else was there to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Chiaki *tried* to explain it, ignoring Ami's blank stares during most of her slow monologue. At the end of it, the schoolgirl just shook her head. All this magical bullshit was making her head spin whenever they tried to explain it. "So you made her orgasm so hard she cummed her soul out *and* knocked both of you up? Gosh, I'm almost jealous." – "Of course you'd be. S'yeah. Now I've got two more kinda-daughters, and Homu out of the deal." Ami made herself comfortable on Chiaki's lap, and her girlfriend obediently wrapped her arms around her. "Why Homu, though? Isn't that… your old name?" – "Oh, that's Shelanoir's idea. She insists that it's a homunculus. Homu-nculus." Chiaki pat her groaning girlfriend's head and leaned over to pull a bottle of whiskey out of her shield. "So, how about a small welcome back party~?"

Homu did not care about the two girls (out-)doing each other on the couch, and patiently stood in a corner of the room and waited for them to finish, so she could clean the couch. It would undoubtedly need it.

"Mom~! Mom! Look at my new dress!" Arianna was practically bouncing on her heels, making her new pink sundress flutter around. Aleida wore a matching light green one and was beaming happily when their mother pat both girls' heads. Just where Shelanoir had managed to dig up form-fittingly tight dresses for twelve year olds should remain a mystery, she decided. And what where those… oh, she did not. Did she? "Looks good~", she replied with a smile. "C'mon, turn around, lemme see it all." When Arianna did, Chiaki flipped up the dress, getting a good look at the girl's rear.

Yep, new underwear as well, and of course it was black lace, so it would be faintly visible through their dresses. Arianna giggled and pushed the dress down again. "Ehehe~ Mom Noiry said those were supposed to be a surprise!" Aleida nodded and fidgeted her hands. "S-She… she told us we're old enough for s-sex now, s-so we should dress like it." Chiaki could not help but smile at that. Complaining all the time about her 'total oversexification' of her kids, and then going and putting those thoughts into their heads?

"Did Noiry tell you what that is~?" Arianna was stuck in her giggle fit, unable to give a straight answer, and the beet red Aleida had to help out her sister. "Y-Yeah. S-She and… Homu showed us…" The two of them had watched them go at it with a mixture of horror, embarrassment and lust, but their bodies had been far too small and young to act on those urges back then. But now, as the memories came up again – of that time all the others where they walked into their family members having sex –, Aleida suddenly found her panties far too tight. "U-Uhm… do you… want to do it with us?", she asked sheepishly.

Chiaki was oh so tempted, but… she had a different plan for a while now. "Hmm~ First, get out of those dresses", she ordered them. "Don't want them to get dirty~" The magical girl undressed as well and sat down on the couch comfortably, legs spread slightly, and watched her futa daughters standing naked in front of her, both visibly embarrassed. "So~ What did Noiry teach you?" Arianna had finally recovered enough to talk again, and eagerly filled her mother in. "How to do it with our hands~ and mouths! A-And how to make babies, and even how to stick it up someone's butt so it won't hurt!"

Chiaki nodded, not even surprised. Shelanoir was nothing if not thorough (and probably really enjoyed having Homu demonstrate all that on her). "Good, good~ Then how about you stroke each other?", she suggested with a smile. Small hands reluctantly wrapped around equally small shota cocks, and the two sisters started to awkwardly stroke each other off, shuffling closer so they wouldn't twist their wrists doing so. Chiaki watched her daughters with increasing interest (and erection). They were starting to grow nicely, their slender bodies starting to grow curves in just the right places, wider hips, small breasts developing… Chiaki really had to hold back to not jump them on the spot.

"I… It's feels good, mom", Aleida smiled after a while, when they had found a proper rhythm, taking cues from how the other stroked off their cock. "Good~ ♥" Chiaki slid off the couch and knelt down in front of her daughters, making them point their throbbing erections at them, and ran her hands up the girls' slender thighs, until her fingers found their so far untouched clits. Aleida whimpered at the sudden sensation, Arianna let out a moan, and they both felt something build up inside of them, especially when Chiaki's fingers moved down and entered them carefully, one finger lodged inside each of them, exploring their insides and rubbing their g-spots.

The girls almost came at the same time, and covered Chiaki's face with their salty, sticky loads, surprising all three of them with the sheer volume of it. Their mother smiled happily, pulled her fingers back out of them, and licked them clean. "Mhm~ Felt good? Now imagine how good the real thing will feel~" Aleida looked down at Chiaki's massive erection and wondered how it was supposed to fit inside her – even the finger had felt like she was completely stuffed! Chiaki did not notice, and pulled her cum-soaked glasses off. "…Aleida, why don't you start? Get down on your back and let Arianna ride your cock~" She held her glasses in one hand to lick the cum off them, and used the other to stroke her daugther to another proper erection, while Arianna sat down on her lap.

"L-Like this?", Arianna asked after a while, straddling her sister's lap between her slim legs, sitting with the girl's throbbing erection trapped between her puffy netherlips. "Mhm~ Now lift up your hips." She placed one hand on Aleida's cock, the other on Arianna's hips, and guided her daughter onto her sister's cock, letting Aleida take Arianna's virginity. "A-Ahh~ ♥" The youngest of Chiaki's daughters let out a blissful moan when she could feel Aleida's cock throb inside her, and started to instinctively roll her hips, grinding it against all the right places.

"Sho gooood~ ♥" Chiaki watched for a while, but it seemed that the girls already knew what to do, and soon enough Arianna was bouncing on her sister's (mother's) lap, her own cock hard again and throbbing eagerly. Aleida was a moaning mess herself, eyes closed so she could focus on the strange, wonderful feeling of her sister's insides wrapping around her shaft. It was so much better than a hand… Her eyes opened again when something warm and salty pressed against them, and she found Chiaki sitting on her chest, cock pointing at her lips, precum oozing out of her mother's urethra. "Use your mouth, Aleida~", she urged on her daughter, and was rewarded with timid lips suckling on her glans, followed by a tiny, warm tongue exploring it. "Yes~ That's a good girl~", Chiaki whispered, hands running though her daughter's hair to grab it and pin her daughter's head into position for a slow face-fuck.

Double-teamed like this and still overly sensitive from her last orgasm, Aleida didn't long. Her moan was muffled by the thick cock filling her mouth, but Arianna could feel her orgasm – and the semen shooting into her womb, making her feel strangely warm inside. "O-Oh~ This is nice~", she cooed happily. Chiaki withdrew from Aleida's mouth with a smile of her own, letting precum and saliva drip onto the girl's flushed cheeks. "I know, right~? C'mon~ Stick it into Aleida~ Make her feel good, too~", Chiaki suggested.

Aleida was far too exhausted to protest – not that she *really* wanted to. Chiaki's cock inside her mouth had felt… strangely familiar. As if it belonged there. As if she had done it over and over before. Her legs spread instinctively, and Arianna clumsily inserted her throbbing girlcock into her sister's virgin pussy, slamming deep into her on the first try. "Ohh~ Yesh~" Her small hips went to work once more, slamming herself deep into her sister, grinding her cock all over the wonderfully tight insides and lubing them up with her precum. With how worked up she was after riding Aleida, she did not last long, and after a few minutes, she tensed up, gripping her sister's hips tightly as she emptied herself into Aleida's womb. "Sho good~ ♥" Once she had filled her sister up, she pulled out, and rolled over onto her back next to Aleida to catch her breath.

Chiaki could no longer hold back, Arianna would not get her chance to catch her breath for a while yet. First she and Aleida would find out just how stretchy their insides were, and how it felt to have their wombs stretched from having far too much semen dumped into them.

"They are on birth control, right?", she asked over supper. Shelanoir nodded nonchalantly and fed Felicity another bit of a sausage – despite her rather thorough attempts, the girl would not eat anything but meat. "Of course. Did you think I wouldn't know what happens when I send them to you in those clothes~?"

Arianna and Aleida were glowing redder than their tomato soups, and Aleida awkwardly managed to return Annabelle's high five. "That means I can totally pork you now~!", Anna beamed, and her younger sister managed to nod in return. Ari and Chichi had felt really nice, Anna probably would too… right?

"So, anyway. Think it's time?", Chiaki asked after a while. "Mhm. Aleida, would you come in my room after dinner? Just for a while~"

When Aleida entered Shelanoir's room, she did not even remember what she had expected. It was a small room, like all in their overcrowded home, and three walls were covered in shelves. Normal books, tomes, medicines, what looked like dried plants, stones… even a floppy witch hat was neatly stuffed onto one of the shelves. The fourth wall was dominated by an impossibly large window that opened to… somewhere. Somewhere with lush green rolling hills and a medieval-looking city in the background. Below it was a bed, on which a nude Shelanoir was sprawled out with her legs dangling off the sides, spread a full 180 degrees. "C'mon~ Close the door, sweety." The stunned girl obeyed, shutting the door behind her, and stumbled closer to the bed.

She could not remember taking her clothes off, but soon she was standing in front of a heap of them, and found herself climbing onto the bed, between those inviting legs. "You know what to do~ Yes~ that's a good girl~ Faster~ Faster~ Thrust as deep as you can~ Mhm~ Yes, just like that~" The maid's slender fingers pressed Aleida's face between her full, warm breasts – less than a month ago she was still suckling from them, she knew, without quite being able to comprehend that fact. "Go on~ Drink~", she was encouraged, and Aleida closed her eyes as her lips wrapped around a full nipple. The milk tasted sweet, almost cloyingly so, and Aleida found herself growing… dizzy. She barely registered her own orgasm, how her semen flooded Shelanoir's womb, and fell asleep ontop (and inside) of the maid, who wrapped her legs and arms around her protectively.

And then came the dreams. Memories. Smells. Tastes. Feelings. A wild kaleidoscope of impressions flooded back into a carefully prepared mind, sorting between the memories she had collected in her new body. By the time she woke up again, still snuggling on top of Shelanoir, Aleida had her memories back.