You are Rear Admiral Ryan Settle, and you're tired. You gaze upon the paperwork – both the literal stacks of paper that smell like cheap toner and the annally retentive joy of whoever is typing them up, as well as an email inbox that would be less cluttered if you disabled your spam filter. A century ago you would have leaned back and muttered something along the lines of "what a day", but in truth, it's just another Tue— Wednesday. Why was it past midnight already?

You drop the report of Tatsuta's medical release – or her refloating inside the drydock, whichever way you want to look at it – onto some stack of papers or another, you'll figure out which… later. Yes. Just a minute to collect your thoughts before you grab another coffee…

You are vaguely aware that you dozed off, and somewhat less vaguely aware of something soft around your… your…

Your eyes snap open and focus on… something purple. Someone purple-haired.

"Aaahhkkdsfhsdkfhsdjf," you opiniate. "Admiral~ Good evening~" Tatsuta's smile is as you remember it – far, far too sweet and dangerous. The nurse uniform she wears is too racy and cheap to even count as cosplay, and her… fuel tanks… are doing things to you that normally cost extra. Your eyes catch on the absurdly elegant looking scar that is pushed up by each of Tatsuta's movements. Despite the welders' and doctors' best attempts, not all damage was repairable, and scar tissue glistens in the harsh neon light as she moves rhythmically. Following her own heartbeat, which you are rather too intimately aware of.

"Sailor, what a—ah." Your protest dies on your lips as her teeth do things that should not be done to skin that sensitive, and an apologetic smile curls lips that are now glistening as well. "I wanted to thank you for what you did~," the haloed devil smiles, and your body reacts instinctively as her fingers bring more soft, warm skin to bear. "I know how hard it was to find a floating dock on such short notice~" Tatsuta shifts around, and her… her… fueling… inle—

Oh, to hell with the innuendos, her damn nipple is teasing your cock. There. And no matter how much you wanted to pretend you didn't approve of this, your body is reacting quite happily to it, and a small string of precum connects the underside of your tip to Tatsuta's nipple even as she pulls back again, her smile widening. "Ufufu~ ♥ But~ I don't want you to think I owe you a favour, ad~mi~ral~" You aren't even distracted at how she – like so many Japanese – struggles with the last syllable, swallowing the instinctive 'u' sound at the end. She's swallowing something else at the same time, and wiggles her tongue in ways that should be illegal.

"Just relax~ and when you're finished, we're even~ Oh~kay~?" Fangs are bared by a smile that would send the Cheshire cat packing, and you can only nod mechanically. You have principles, but not all of them are worth losing body parts over. Especially not those.

You slump back into your chair, defeated, and Tatsuta once again moves with disturbing ease and skill, sending shivers through your spine as her breasts massage your painfully hard shaft and the sensitive tip. She seemed to be fascinated by your circumcised tip, and you can feel her hot, wet tongue darting down to lick the skin just below your tip.

As you had mused earlier, it was just another day in Yokosuka, and you lean your head back against the chair—

—And swallow drily when your pucker retreats so deep up your ass it scratches your tongue.

Your eyes lock with the brown abyss that are Arizona's, and you close your mouth again when a finger – her trigger finger – presses against her lips.

"Ara, ara~ That excited~?"

The abyss swallows you, and in the muddy waters you see sailors – IJN sailors – drowning, each dying a thousand painful deaths before they finally fade away—

"Poor admiral~ You should find someone to take care of you~"

—Tokyo burning, the still burning corpses stacking high in the streets—

"It's not healthy to hold back, you know~? You and Goto-sama are just silly, not taking advantage of the situation~. Ah~ But I guess your American ships just don't know how to treat a man, hm~?"

—nuclear light instantly vaporizing people, leaving only shadows on the burnt out walls behind—

"M-Mhmmm~ ♥ That's it~ Just let it all out~ Mhmmm~ ♥ Tasty~"

Arizona blinks, the abyss disappearing, and she just looks… disappointed. Not even sad. The look grandma gave you when you blew all your pocket money on candy even when she told you to save up.

By the time Tatsuta finishes her noisy cleaning up, no trace of Arizona remained, apart from the images burnt into your memories. She does not even have to do anything now, your guilt will do the job for her. And she knows. And she knows you know.

You barely register when Tatsuta pats your head and praises you like the obedient puppy you are, and you start spinning in your chair when you're alone once more, heels dragging squeakily across the floor.

Just another Wednesday, you think, opening the desk drawer to admire the bottle within.